Wednesday, December 14, 2011

11 Years

Trent and I have been married 11 years today. I can't believe it. To celebrate I am working tonight and going to mutual. Sounds fun right? We usually head down to St. George for a weekend away from kids, but since we just went for Thanksgiving we decided not to. I am starting to regret that decision... I do have Friday night off work now, so we are hoping to at least go out to eat. Anyone want to watch the Furious Five...and maybe even let them sleepover? ;)

I was looking through our pictures from the olden days before we had to worry about getting babysitters to do anything and couldn't help but love Trent even more. So much has changed for us in the past 11 years, but we are still best friends. I am not going to get all mushy, in fact I am done talking about it right now. However, I am going to add just one pic from our kidless days. One of our last trips before we started making The Hoard.

And who knows, maybe in 11 years we will have another glorious, kidless vacation. My kids will be old enough to take care of themselves by that time right?

Happy Anniversary Trent.

I'm glad you picked me.


Jamie said...

Happy Anniversary to you two! Wow. Has it really been 11 years?! "I'm glad you picked me". I still remember you saying that at your wedding luncheon. So sweet. You two were made for each other. I'm glad he picked you two. And I'm glad you got him. You're just what he needs.

Jamie said...

AND, I forgot to mention, that you fit in perfectly in the family.

Trent said...

I am so lucky to have found you. You always say that I never stop moving....well I think we have switched places. It always amazes me how much you do. You do everything a mom shoud do, work three jobs, and still find time to remember every important occasion. Not to mention that you have to live with someone on ProHap.

I love you so much and couldn't imagine a relationship that fits better than we do.

Happy Anniversary!

Kim said...

I'm sure that in 11 more years, you will continue to rock it and Trent will continue to look the same ;)

Happy Anniversary you two...If you want, I can take your kids Saturday night for a sleep over??? Eh?

Maga said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY--glad you found each other--perfect match!!!!