Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cool Runnings

I dislike running in this cold, yucky weather. So much so that most of the time I opt not to run, which doesn't go well for my training or my waistline. But the comfort of my warm bed keeps me from getting up and going. Dang it.

When I do go out, I get dressed to the max. Trent got me this awesome ear warmer that makes me look super cool. Not really, with my boy hair I look like I am wearing one of those hats that looks like you are wearing a headband with funky hair sticking out the top. You know the ones I am talking about? Anyways, these headbands are the best. They are so thin, yet keep your ears toasty warm. If you are in the market for a good ear warmer, you should check these out.

And most of you know I am gross and don't always shower after a run, but now that I have to wear a head warmer my hair is unfixable until I do shower. And, besides, sometimes a shower is the only thing that will warm my body back up. So, for all you those that are usually disgusted with me, you would be proud.

After this run and shower my hair made a miraculous curly Q and I had to take a picture. I am sure none of you will find this as fascinating as me.
Hopefully my motivation for running will out do my motivation for warmth and comfort. So Cal Ragnar is only 4 months away and I picked runner 12 with a total of 19.5 miles. It will be the hardest race I have ever done. Here is a sample of the runs.

Leg 12 8.5 miles Very Hard.

Leg 24 4.7 miles Hard

Leg 36 6.3 Hard

I cannot wait for my last leg. It looks like an amazing route and I am runner 12, so I will be finishing the race for Team Bonk! You gotta love a good Ragnar!!!

Here's to getting my butt out of bed and running!


Maga said...

I'll sleep in for you and you can run. Is the Cal Ragnar in Cal.? and when. I like your head band!!!
I also like the picuture of the Jensen Hoard and the choc.kisses!

Mindy said...

I'm disgusting too... I don't always shower after a workout. Ellen was shocked when I told her that. ;) Your ragnar legs look awesome. I'm jealous!! I can't wait for WB in June with you! I usually wear less than most people when running. I rarely wear something on my head... only if it's single digits or negative temps, and even then I often take it off. I'm a bit crazy. But just a wee bit. ;)

akdoxey said...

Amy- right there with you, and it never helps that it's so dark so early and late now. Doug's family has been trying to do a ragnar for so long- I really don't know what our problem is but it looks like such a blast!

As far as running, I would just die to find a running partner to meet up with- I think I would feel so much more motivated to get out of bed. Winter months are the pits! Good luck!

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas!

Sarah said...

I love the headband - you totally rock it. And seriously - Southern California? That has to be some serious motivation! What a beautiful place to get to run!

Julie said...

Running in the cold-yuck weather has got to be rough! And that race schedule of yours is intense. Way to step it up, girl. Good luck. You can do it!

깜둥이 said...
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Kristen said...

OH my gosh! Those legs look super hard...but its going to be gorgeous. You will do SO good. I love the curly q as well. That is super funny and I did find it pretty amusing. haha. Way to go on the running...keep it going.

Kim said...

You will be just fine....unless you're going for a new PR then you really do need to get your butt out of bed. I can't wait to cheer for you on the side lines!

4cutegirls said...

Do you run on Bountiful Blvd? I swear I see you when I take Claire to pre school, but it's always so fast.
You're awesome to even run. A friend in my ward runs with a bunch of women and they meet up by the temple a few times a week. I've been invited but I could never keep up. :)

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