Friday, December 9, 2011


Meet Ned.

He is our Elf and came to us last night. Santa dropped him off at the door, knocked and vanished back up to the North Pole and left Ned to keep an eye on things. The kids couldn't believe how fast Santa was. They didn't even see him leave, which confirmed that Santa really is magic.

This morning the kids got up and searched for Ned. He had found the perfect spot to watch The Hoard.

This whole thing is brilliant and the kids love it. I read it on Kimmy's and Jamie's blogs and had to join the fun. I also took it up a notch and had Santa send a message to the kid's to tell them what Ned is going to make sure they do. It has worked wonders in the 12 hours since Ned as joined us. I joked that we need an elf for every Holiday to keep the kids in line.

Here are the links to the kid's messages from Santa. If you haven't done it, you should. My kid's were fixated on the screen the whole time Santa was talking to them. And they had to tell everyone about it.

Aiden-always finish whats on your plate.

Andrew-be quieter when your inside the house.

Oakley-always keep your room tidy and squeaky clean.

Paige-stop throwing those silly tantrums.

Morgan-always pick up your toys and put them away.

Luckily my kids were all on the nice list. Hopefully Ned reports they stay that way....


Sarah said...

That is awesome - I have seen those little elves visiting houses all over the blogosphere and they are so cute! Hopefully it keeps your kids in line ;)

And happy birthday!!

Jake said...

Good times.

Your trip to SG looked fun

Sarah said...

I saw this on Pinterest and thought of you - 101 Elf on the Shelf ideas:

Maga said...

So glad NED is there to help you with your cute kids!!!! Thanks for your great blog---Hope you had a good birthday, AMY!!!!

Kim said...

We like Ned too...and looking for him.

MCapson said...

Hey our elfs name is Hermy. Yeah awesome huh! Now if you kids would actually care that he was watching that would be sweet.