Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kids and the Holidays

We all know that kids change our lives. It is hard and a lot of of work to raise kids, but obviously worth it. And when it comes to the Holidays kids make them that much more fun. Here are the things I have noticed that have changed since having The Hoard.

*Kids love any craft/project that has to do with anything yummy and messy. Gingerbread houses are no exception and the perfect Christmas Activity. And thank goodness for The pre-made gingerbread houses these days.

Who would of thought candy and frosting could be so much fun and make such a cute house.

*Kids make the countdown to Christmas a daily ritual with numerous advent calendars. You can just feel their excitement grow as they get to take a link off or eat the day's treat. And can anyone else believe that Christmas is only 2 days away? I can't and neither can my kids.

We had 5 Christmas chains this year, once again thank goodness for schools and teachers that do fun things for my kids.

*Kids make it possible to have a Christmas play date and lunch. The girls in my ward (and Kim who will be in our ward some day) came over for a delicious lunch of soup, salad, bread, wassle, and chocolate waffles and ice cream. And as always these ladies are the best and I love that we are such good friends.
*Kids changed our tree. I used to take a long time decorating our tree, making sure each ornament was placed in the proper spot, with perfect spacing and color arrangement. Since kids, I don't even get off the couch while they hang ornaments. And this year we added some home made snow flakes to the ensemble.

With some thank you notes for Santa,

And a few home made ornaments here and there. I think our tree actually looks better than it's "perfect" days.

*Kids bring stories into our home. Now we have a stack of Christmas books as part of our decorations. Most of these were given as gifts, which I am very thankful for. Now I just need to be better at reading them to my kids...

*And, last but not least, our Nativity Scene has changed. Like the tree I would place them in a perfect arrangement, so all the pieces could be seen, and, once again, evenly spaced in their own spots. Now the scene looks like this:

And this:

The kids always place Jesus in the center surrounded by everyone.

My kids are pretty smart.

Jesus should be the center of Christmas.

So glad I have the Hoard to teach me a thing or two and to bring the excitement and spirit of Christmas back into my life. Can't wait for the magical day to get here.


Kim said...

Thanks for putting that lunch together. That was so good and fun.

I had to laugh at your nativity scenes. At least they got Jesus right.

Maga said...

You made my Christmas bright seeing what your cute kids did!!
You are a wonderful family--hope you survive the 26th too!!!

Anonymous said...