Friday, December 16, 2011


Our girls are very dramatic and psychotic at times. This morning was no exception. They got ready for preschool and Trent took them on his way to work. Or so I thought. I got out of the shower and heard the girls screaming and Trent yelling. For some reason unbeknownst to us and even the girls, they were scared to go to Preschool. What? They have been going for 2 years now and have never had issues like this. After a few minutes of more screaming, crying, threats Trent took them back down. Paige went right in and Morgan cried for another 20 minutes. Disciplinary actions were taken that had no affect on her. Finally, Mrs Eggett pealed her off of Trent in a screaming frenzy. Seriously, who knows what demon posessed Morgan this morning.

I just picked the girls up and they came out beaming from ear to ear holding their very own gingerbread houses. Their fearful morning forgotten and happiness flowed in the world again. I am now starting to believe that my girls are not possessed, but may actually be bipolar.

Morgan still cannot tell me what her problem was, but says she loves preschool and loves her house with the sleigh in front.

Drama, Drama, Drama.

These girls just might do us in yet.


brooke said...

Holy hell.

Maga said...

Too bad you don't have 5 perfect kids like I have! (I've forgotten all the bad things they did.)
HANG IN THERE--it too shall pass!
I can hardly wait for Brooke to go through 'Holy hell.'

Kim said...

Morgan is going to be an actor when she's older I sware. She kills me!