Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Rather Blustery Day

I am sure every one knows about the wicked windstorm last week. I have never seen anything like it. Our neighborhood looked like a tornado had plowed through. Tree after tree were blown over. It looked something like this:

(I stole the picks from our neighbor Quinn and Kimmy.)

Luckily our house only had a branch and a few shingles come off.

And since we didn't have power kids were sent home early Thursday and school was cancelled Friday. Great for the kids, big bummer for me.

So what did we do with our extra time?

We did some Christmas and grocery shopping,

Played video games,

Made gingerbread men,

No, I didn't make the dough, someone in our ward gave it to the kids when they got their costumes for our ward Christmas party.

And to finish the night off we hung out at Jill and Cameron's. Jill made us a delicious dinner and then made dessert with the kids while Trent slept and I sat on the couch. She's the best.

The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning up. Church was even cancelled on Sunday for a massive clean up. So while Trent did this:

We had a hot lunch. Mine consisted of home made tomato soup and grilled cheese. Delish.

And the kids did this.

It was a very eventful weekend.

And so glad my little Hoard and house came away undamaged. Also glad to have power and all the modern day functions that come with it. Life is hard without it. I shouldn't be complaining because we didn't even get the worst of it!

Here is to a tree-less B-Town.

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Sarah said...

I can't believe the winds you guys got! My parents lost two trees - so sad. The photos with your kids all make me laugh. Looks like you did a great job entertaining them.