Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Pageant

We had our Ward Christmas Party on Saturday morning.

My boys were wise men. Aiden is right behind around holding his box of gold. We forgot our camera so these pics are from a cell phone. Sorry about the quality.

My girls were angels.
My kids were asked to sing a song. And guess who had to teach them the song? Me. The least musically talented person ever created. So, when you watch the video just remember who their mom is. Considering this, they actually sound pretty good. ;) It doesn't help that the microphone was pointing directly at Andrew the whole time.

It was pretty darn funny....and cute.


Maga said...

Thanks for sharing the 'darn funny and cute' Christmas Pagent with us

Sarah said...

So, so cute! Their costumes are darling too. I heard the 'oh my gosh' - was that Trent?!? Too funny.

Kim said...

SO funny! Still makes me laugh when I think about it.