Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Big 3-2.

I turned 32 on Friday. Age doesn't really bother me. I could care less how old I am. I have never understood why people freak out about it. I say embrace it.

I had a very low key, relaxing Birthday. It started with a cuddle from my girls. And don't judge my bed head.

And the boys wrote me Birthday notes. Aiden brought his card to me with 2, 5 dollar bills from his job money. It was really sweet....and his card is pretty hilarious.
(Dear Mom. I love you when you are mad and I like you when you are nice. I love you mom!)

And Andrew drew me I love you faces.

His note said, Dear Mom. Happy Birthday. I love you. I like to see you.

Friday night Blake and Kristen joined us for dinner and a movie (Luke and Kim joined us for the movie and Brooke and Bridget joined us for dinner). We had Pei Pei and 3 cakes. Yes, I said that right. Usually if I don't make a cake I don't get a cake, so I made one. Then Kim took my kids in the afternoon and they made me a cake (the one with the big 32 on it), then Kristen was nice enough to bring a cake and candles. Lets just say I should buy a membership to weight watchers after this weekend.

Everyone sang Happy Birthday and I made a wish,

and blew out the candles on every cake, with the help of Andrew.

We finished the night with The Help. I loved it, the boys not so much.



The night before Trent arranged a babysitter and took me out to CPK. It was also very delicious. See what I mean about the weight watchers thing? I've got to learn to control my intake.

It was a great birthday. Thanks to everyone that called, texted, FB, messaged me. You are all the best!


Mindy said...

Happy Birthday! I agree... what does the number matter? I am a little teeny bit nervous about 40 though... don't know why, because 30 didn't make me bat an eyelash.

You're beautiful, by the way. :)

linds said...

glad you had a great birthday. you deserve it!

Sarah said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday - I am ALL for the three cakes!

Kim said...

What is up with that top cake? Looks like someone dropped it or something...

Happy Birthday!