Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Anniversary Celebration

We celebrated out Anniversary Friday night. It was a good time. Luckily we have an awesome family who stepped in and took our kids. The Bentleys and Clarks rock. They even let the kids sleep over. And Grandma Teri was nice enough to watch Brooke for us too. ;) Thank you all!

As soon as we dropped the kids off a feeling of total relaxation and happiness came over us. I had to snap a pic of it.

Trent took me to the Mandarine where we ordered a meal for 6 just for the 2 of us. Everything was so delicious. You cannot beat a Mandarine egg roll with extra plum sauce.

Afterwards, we went to a late showing of Sherlock Holmes 2. Loved every second of it. And now I have decided my new movie boyfriend is Jude Law. Loved him in the movie.

It was a great night that had to come to an end, but not before we took a pic in front of the huge lit tree at the gateway, not that you can see much of the tree in a self portrait.

The next morning after sleeping in until 8, I went and did a little Christmas shopping and came across this little doll.

What Mother would ever buy something like this for their little girl? I about died when I saw it. Lets just teach our girls to be sluts from 3 years old on up. Seriously what is wrong with people.


Jake said...

Happy anniversary

Kim said...

Shoot I got your girls those dolls for Christmas....better take them back ;D Seriously though, what the heck are people thinking???

4cutegirls said...

Happy Anniversary. And seriously that doll is what's wrong with society.

Sarah said...

Holy cow ~ I can't believe it has been 11 years! We are so OLD!! You guys still look SO great together and I am glad you had a wonderful anniversary.

That doll seriously freaks me out. I have no words.