Sunday, May 4, 2008

Yes....Another Birthday Party...

We celebrated Aaron's and Kimmy's birthday today at the Veigel home. And there is nothing like a good old Sunday dinner to start the festivities. Here is the kid's table. It is so nice to have James around because he can entertain my kids for a LONG time.
My Dad, Mom, and Sue. Doesn't my Dad look handsome in an apron?
Kimmy chose fondue for her birthday dinner. Meat, twice baked potatoes, hot rolls, fresh salad, and Martinellis. What could be better?
Morgan, Jackson, and Paige rolling in the toys.
James was jammin' out on the keyboard and my kids were getting crazy with their dance moves!
I honestly don't know if Trent and I have another picture with us and just Paige and Morgan. This might be the first one!
For Aaron's birthday activity the kids got to color their sacs and put spiderman stickers on them. Well, Aiden and Aaron put the stickers on their face, not the sacs
Aaron (& Kimmy's) Darth Vader cake.
Doesn't Luke look excited for Kimmy's present?
Grandma and Grandpa with all my girls. Love this pic!
We all had a great time at the Darth Vader/Spiderman party. Happy Birthday Kim and Aaron!
And don't worry the next Birthday party isn't for another week or so.


bjensen said...

Man, it's always a party with you guys! I'm kind of jealous. Looks like you all had fun, once again. See you this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Holy Birthdays Batman!! How fun! You guys know how to have a fun time.

Kory & Lisa Allred Family said...

You sure like birthday parties, but who doesn't! Cute pictures.

Anonymous said...

Oh I haven't seen Sue in ages! Tell her I said hi next time! The party looks like a fun time...I wish I lived closer to hang out once in a while.

Glenae said...

You're so lucky that your family lives so close and you can party together!!!

The Capson's said...

You guys are some major Party Animals. It looks like you have so much fun. I love the Darth Vader cake. That must have been Kim's choice right? I love the theme parties, so cute.
Cute pictures!