Friday, May 2, 2008

One McHappy Birthday Party!

We, as the Jensens, had reason to celebrate last night. National Jill Day! Everyone made the long journey up to our house to enjoy the first BBQ of the season and pay tribute to Jill. For those of you who don't know, Jill lives with us and it is a joke that its like having 6 kids instead of 5. Last night was no exception. I have never met another grown adult that gets as excited as Jill gets for her birthday. We were all teasing her that she gets more excited than my kids, so the idea for an all out themed party, with treasure hunt, was formed. The McDreamy party was a giant success. Jill came home to see the McDreamy set up and loved it. Granted, it was supposed to be funny, but that just shows our fun and kid like Jill gets with her birthday. Here are some pictures of the event. Warning-there are a lot of pictures because I couldn't decide which ones to cut!
Andrew and the birthday girl!
Grandma Teri being a jungle gym for my girls to climb on.
Oakley enjoying Jamie's noodle salad. I think she had about 8 servings!?!
Annie and I got the wrong memo about the color scheme for the party. ;)
Aiden and Grandpa Brad
It is sad, but this was the first time that I have gotten to hold Annie. Don't we look so cute together with our matching outfits? Well, Annie looks cute anyways.
Jill getting ready for her McTreasure hunt.

Present time!
Jill doesn't like cake so we had candles in the peanut butter bars.
Oreo pie and peanut butter bars. Soooo gooood!
Jill and I posing with the McDreamy Mobile!
Grandpa Brad with Paige and Morgan!


Jill said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! You put so many of the pictures I love! I wasn't patient enough to upload them in order and post them so I'm glad you did! You are so nice to accomadate your adopted child and I so appreciated all you did!

Living with you guys has so many perks, I for sure benefit from this arrangement more than you guys do! I should work on that!

Jacob Jensen said...

I am jealous. I told Trent yesterday that this party included two things I enjoy so much - get-togethers with the family and BBQ's at your place.

Looks like fun times!

Kory & Lisa Allred Family said...

Everytime I see your kids and all the fun extra things you do with them I am amazed!! Cute photos.

Anonymous said...

Cute party!! That is so funny! You girls are BEAUTIFUL!!!

bjensen said...

Cute Cute party and picutres! Looks like everyone had fun. I'm excited to see you guys this weekend!

akdoxey said...

That is really cute that you guys threw a big b-day bash. I think everyone should get that excited about their birthday, it's YOUR only day of the year!