Monday, May 26, 2008

Day 3

Saturday was another GREAT day. After the boys 20 miler we headed out to the street fair. It was such a fun atmosphere. I loved it. However, I did miss my shopping buddies from the days before. Trent and Jake are great when it comes to picking out food, but when I needed an opinion on jewelery I had to just go with my own gut feeling. ;)
Trent and I at the street fair. We love this picture with the New York street behind us.
I am sure in the pic, Jake is just waiting for me while I am trying to decide which bracelet is better.

I get made fun of that I don't ever try anything new and I get the same exact thing at any restaurant. Well, here is some proof that Amy is branching out. This is my first gyro and it was sooo good!
I have found the reason I would make my way back to New York. Max Brenner. I ordered chocolate fondue that was supposed to serve 2 people. Well, I ate the whole thing.
We walked around FOREVER trying to find this and now, honestly, the name of it has left my mind. All I know is that it is in the movie, "I Am Legend." Will Smith blows up a bunch of dark seekers here. If you looks closely you can see one of the crazy dogs hiding in the shadows??? ;)

To end this night we got more food from a pizza joint below Jake's apartment. Yet another delicious meal. Here in New York you have to eat every couple hours since you are always walking every where. At least that is my justification for the endless consumption of delicious food. We ate the pizza while watching "Juno." It was a good one.

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