Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Outside Fun

Here are some pics of one of the first days it was warm. My kids were enjoying the weather and I was enjoying having them out of the house!
Paige making her funny face at the bubbles. I love the leftover bubbles in the 5 strands of hair that she has.
Morgan would get so excited when the bubbles would come her way!
Oakley trying to ride the boy's bike.
This was one of the only shots I had of Aiden's face. All the other mid air shots were of his back.
Andrew looks good floating in the air with his cool shades!


Anonymous said...

I love Paige's face! That is so funny! I am glad that you get to go outside, FINALLY!!

Sarah said...

All of their expressions are just so cute! I love that it is finally warm enough to go outside (so I am sure you are really loving it). Yay for summer!

Sami Jo said...

how cute!! i want to play on your tramp!

Anonymous said...

I think Paige looks like Uncle Larry! So cute.

Kory & Lisa Allred Family said...

It is so much fun to start playing outside after the winter leaves!! Cute pictures, love the bubbles popping in her hair, and the sunglasses on the tramp, cute cute.