Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Birthday BBQ, a New Baby to Bother, & a Sad, but Funny Loss.

Last night we celebrated Trent's birthday with a BBQ. The food was sooo good as always. Thanks to everyone for making the journey and bringing food. It is always fun to get together and celebrate ANYTHING with food!
Grandpa Brad and Grandma Teri chillin' with the girls.
Jill persuading Aiden to finish his roll so he can have one of Kimmy's delicious snicker doodles.
Brooke giving Andrew a wedgie.
Trent opening his present. Thanks Jill!
Paige and Grandpa Larry. I have always thought that Paige looks like my dad.
The night progressed into the baby holding stage. My kids are sooo obsessed with cute little Annie, and they couldn't wait for her to wake up so they touch and hold her. You would think they would be sick of babies by now?!?
Andrew getting his chance to hold Annie. He kept giving her kisses. He really can't get enough of her.
Oakley couldn't wait to get her hands on her too. There isn't a day goes by that Oakley doesn't say, "Baby Annie, me wuv her."
Half of the hoard admiring Annie.
Oakley kept waiting and waiting for her to wake. And I am sure she was the reason she did finally wake up.
Then the night progressed into the Jazz game. Jamie and Mike stuck around to finish the game with us. I had not experienced the viewing of a Jazz game with Mike until last night. Being that I could honestly care less about who wins or loses, it was fun to watch Mike get so mad, excited, and hopeful while he watched the game. After one bad call from the ref Mike picked up our ottoman and made the motion like he was going to throw it at our TV. I thought Trent was going to stroke out right then, but he didn't and Mike semi recovered from his anger. There were numerous things to laugh about last night during the game and I apologize to Mike that I was getting so much joy from his pain. It was a fun (but sad) ending to a perfect night. Thanks to everyone who made another birthday a fun one!


Jacob Jensen said...

Sounds like it was a fun time. Those parties are always enjoyable. I hope we can somewhat reproduce the good times when we go out for Trent's b-day meal when I am in town.

JamieN said...

What a fun post. Annie looks like a plastic doll in those pics. She's stiff as a board. Maybe I can add that to my list of things to worry about.

You know how to throw a party. It was so much fun getting together. Luckily you guys have the perfect house for get togethers. If we have everyone over here, we'll have to assign spaces for everyone so we can all fit.

Thanks for letting us stay so late. And for the free baby stuff (again). I'm embarrassed we mooch off you guys so much. Thank heaven you have so many kids!