Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Last New York Post!

Here is a recap of our last day in New York. I am sure you are all bored of New York by now, but if so, don't continue reading. ;)
Trent and I ventured down to ground zero. It was amazing to see. You realize the massive destruction when you see the whole empty block where the towers used to be. I can't even imagine experiencing what happened here.
Here is another example of me trying something new! I had a hot dog with some type of red/pickle/salsa stuff on it. It was good.
Here is where the hot dog came from. This hot dog shop is in "You've Got Mail." One of our favorite movies!
The New York Temple. It was so weird walking through the city and Jake pointing out the temple. I am so used to seeing a temple on a huge piece land with a iron fence around a beautiful landscaped area. It was fun to be able to see a temple in a different way!
The Mall in Central Park. At least that is what I think Jake called it.
The fountain in "Enchanted." I can just hear Giselle singing, "How Does She Know?" I am sure my kids would have loved it!
This is how I ended my vacation. Once last stop at the real life Willy Wonka, Max Brenner. Once again I got fondue for 2 and ate the entire thing. Towards the end I was just eating the chocolate plain. Soooo Goood!

Now that I am home, I am sure my posts will consist of the usually kid stuff. It was so good to wake up this morning and see all my kids. I really did miss them. Now lets hope my vacation from life will help me get through this next week while Trent is gone!!!


Kory & Lisa Allred Family said...

Looks like an awesome trip!! I love all the pics of NY...I have never wanted to go there, but now I think I might enjoy the big apple....or at least the chocolate fondue YUMMO.... Looks so fun!!

Luke & Kimmy said...

Oh my gosh! this all looks amazing! Just reading this has made me so hungry and now I want a hot dog and chocolate fondu and a gyro all at once. Cant wait to hear about your trip in person.


Michelle said...

You've got Mail? Don't you mean Fools Rush In?

Fun pictures, Melissa and I loved New York too!

Michelle said...

Sorry Amy, I forgot, that it's in you've got mail too.