Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Ride Tag...Finally

A while ago, Jenny tagged me and I am finally getting to it. This was a fun tag. I was able to go back through old pictures and remember some fun times. So, here is my list of rides in the order that I experienced them.

1. Splash Mountain, Disneyland. Really any ride that is fast and gets you wet I love. Don't you just love my hot pink and green stripes on my coat?
2. The Stratosphere, Las Vegas. The Rocket at Lagoon is in this same category too, seeing how they are about the same ride. But in Vegas you are on top of the Stratosphere building riding the ride, which makes it that much more HIGH and FUN! Kellee and I taking in the "beautiful" view.
3. River Rafting, Moab. I don't know if this really qualifies in the "ride tag", but it really is one of my favorite rides ever. I love being outside in the sun and water, and having the thrill of hitting some "big" rapids. (I am the one on the very far left. I am sure some of you will see yourselves in this pic.)
4. Indiana Jones, Disneyland. I have to admit this ride isn't as fun after the first time, but nothing beats the surprises in the ride the first time you experience it. And best of all I got to experience it with Trent for my first time!
5. California Screamin' Roller Coaster, California Adventure Park. I love the beginning of this ride when it starts and shoots you sooo fast up the first hill. But really I pretty much love any roller coaster. Trent didn't like this one so much.

6. Tower of Terror, Disney World. This ride is along the lines of the stratosphere too, but the theatrics and atmosphere are soo much better. It makes the ride. The tower of terror is behind us in the picture.
7. Animal Kingdom African Safari, Disney world. I have always wanted to go on a real African Safari, so I loved this ride. And it was so much fun seeing my kids get excited with all the different animals. Loved it!
8. Nemo, Disney World. At the time of this vacation my boys were really into Nemo. They had just had their 2nd B-Day party, which was a Nemo party. They were so excited to see Nemo, Dory, Crush, and Bruce. And when my kids are happy, I am happy.
9. Expedition Everest, Disney World. Another roller coaster that I loved. The ride was fast and fun, but the wait in line wasn't bad either. Disney had all these mountain climbing displays throughout the line, which made the wait interesting. Me, Brooke, and Jill waiting outside the entrance to do it again.
10. Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin, Disney World. I LOVED this ride. My kids were into Buzz Lightyear, as well as Nemo, so this ride was extra fun too. It was fun trying to shoot Zurg and the aliens and riding with my kids is always fun.


bjensen said...

You are a blogging over acheiver! Way cute pictures! So many of them brought back fun memories from our Disney World trip. I'm excited for New York, that so fun you guys are coming back!

Kory & Lisa Allred Family said...

They look so fun...and make me want to take a vacation! Loved watching as your family grew in the photos! Fun pictures.

Luke & Kimmy said...

Oh that all looks like so much fun! The river one would be my favorite for the same reasons that your out in the water and the sun. Good post!


Jill said...

This was a way good post! I love most of the same rides! I think the best part of rides is that they are usually associated with a fun trip!

Sarah said...

You're amazing - I can't believe you seriously have a picture of every single one of those!

Jacob Jensen said...

My favorite is Buzz Lightyear... I like to shoot things. I guess I am my father's son.

JamieN said...

That was a great post. Those pics are so fun. That brought back a lot of really fun memories. Thanks for posting all those pictures.

Dayna said...

It was so funny to see that splash mountain picture on your blog. Brought back some fun memories!