Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's Trent's Day!

I know you are probably all tired of the continuous posts on birthdays, but this birthday is the most important one to me! Today Trent turns 31! Sheesh, he is getting old. Here is a cheesy and mushy list of things that I love about Trent. It isn't like Trent or me to be all lovey-dovey, but I just can't help myself today.
*He makes the bed EVERY morning.
*He will give me a massage anytime I ask for one.
*He is so cute with his 3 little girls.
*He will do anything for me.
*He does the laundry more than I do.
*He is the founder of the Rescue Amy Program.
*He will tend the kids whenever I ask.
*He is hot!
*He still thinks I am hot even with my baby chub & old lady belly???
*We share the same interests.
*He is completely honest with me.
*He respects me.
*He helps me get motivated to run.
*“He knows everything about me and its okay.”
*He comes home early when I have a bad day.
*He always lets me pick the restaurant.
*We agree on most everything.
*He can do almost anything. (install furnace, central air, window, crown molding, wood siding, sprinkler, plumbing….you get my point.)
*He requires perfection from himself, but not me.
*He never gets mad when I spend money.
*He gets up at night if the kids need something.
*He stays up late to do his projects.
*He gets up early to do his running.
*He takes ALL the kids to McDonalds by HIMSELF.
*He surprises me.
*He lets Aiden and Andrew climb all over him.
*I never have to wonder what he is thinking.
*He is a hard worker.
*He cleans up toys every time he gets home from work.
*He lets me vent to him.
*He puts up with my continuous phone calls to talk about nothing.
*He makes me laugh.
*He has a good family (definitely can’t complain about my in-laws.)
*He loves being outside, camping, hiking, biking, running.
*We hardly ever fight.
*He is always quick to apologize.
*He is fun to be around.
*He loves me just how I am.
*We have 5 very cute kids together.
*I couldn’t be happier.
Happy Birthday Trent!


Trent said...

There is always discussion about how I wooed Amy to mary me and then stopped being romantic. It's true, but I'm sure glad it worked. I don't like to use absolute words like, "Always", "Everytime", or "Never", but this post is most likely one of the "Best" birthday presents I've ever received. Thanks for being so good to me. I only do all those things because I love you!

Jill said...

You guys are the best! You are both so good to each other and have such a good relationship, I'm lucky to learn that from you guys. I love all those things you said about Trent, he really is such a good Dad and husband (and brother!).

bjensen said...

You two are so cute! I never knew you two had it in you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRENT! I've learned lots from my big brother, he is one of the best examples I have. He probably doesn't even know how much I look up to him! Trent is an amamzing dad, I can't beleive all he does! I'm so glad that I belong to the same family as Trent and his cute little (well sort of) family. Have a very Happy Birthday! Love you!

Cecilie said...

How sweet is that! I'm glad you two found each other. Thanks Trent for being so great to my best buddy! Happy Birthday to you too!

hbentley said...

Happy Birthday Trent!! I love all those things amy wrote about you. You two are perfect together. I am go glad that Trent has you.I am grateful that you are apart of our family. You are both so good to each other. Trent I hope you have an amazing day. I can't wait for the B-Day BBQ. Amy, thanks for always willing to entertain. Maybe I should invite you guys down one day.

Kory & Lisa Allred Family said...

I love that post!! It seems that you guys just fit each other so perfectly!! I love everything you said...I am going to have to show it to Kory (hee hee hee).

Kory & Lisa Allred Family said...

Oh and Happy Birthday Trent! Kory is 32 and the kids are now calling him an 'old geezer'.

Sarah said...

What a cute hubby and dad! That was a great post Amy. Happy Birthday Trent!

JamieN said...

I finally got around to reading this. What a neat post. I've never seen your "mushy" side so it's so fun to read what you posted and Trent's response. That's so fun. Love you guys. Hope Trent had a good b-day. Thanks so much for letting us share his day. We loved the bbq and you guys are so nice to let us stay over to all hours of the night.