Saturday, August 25, 2012

Birthday Bash!

As you can tell I am trying really hard to get caught up on my blogging. We have had so many fun things happen in the past few weeks. One of the funnest was Paige and Morgan's birthday party. As I said before they turned 5 and so far have loved being 5 year olds.

We rented a giant water slide again and had it for 2 nights and a full day. We definitely got our moneys worth out of it. The kids hardly stopped playing on it.

And this year it came with a cotton candy machine, which was a huge hit. And I was being a cotton candy monster if you were wondering.

We had a lunch of pizza, watermelon, and fruit barrels for drinks with swedish fish, sour patch kids, sour patch watermelons and peanut M & M's for the appetizers-all of Paige and Morgan's favorite things.

Then we had presents. The girls once again got spoiled by all those came. Thanks for everyone for making their day so special!
Andrew even picked out his own present with his own money.

And so did Aiden. He picked out the cutest bracelets that matched the crowns perfectly. The boys were so excited and it was the sweetest thing to watch.

Then we had a treasure hunt which is always a favorite for the kids. However, knowing us, there are always rules. ;)

I love the the train of kids that came running around the corner.

 And last to finish the party up we had brownies and oreo ice cream dessert. Love the photo bomb from Josh too.

And another birthday party completed. I love the fact that I only have to plan 3 a year. One benefit of having 2 sets of twins.
Happy Birthday Paige and Morgan!


Mindy said...

I love your swimsuit, Amy. :) We should go swimming together sometime... I have a brown zebra print. We'd look awesome together. ;)

Annie said...

You do the funnest parties ever. I wish I was five so I could come! And three parties a year is impressive! I have only ever attempted one real bday party. Lame.

Becky said...

Wow I haven't checked blogs for a while. So many fun adventures! Happy Birthday Paige and Morgan! We've been thinking about them as we've been getting Jack ready to start kindergarten. Cute cute kiddos!

Becky said...

Oh and PS I liked the Jake joke!

Maga said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAIGE AND MORGAN and Happy Maga for all the fun pictures you put on your blog!!!
You and Trent are so lucky to have