Friday, August 17, 2012

The Fair

We went to the County Fair today.
 It was a lot of fun.
We got to touch sting rays.

 And horse shoe crabs.

Grandma Holly treated everyone to some delicious snow cones.

The kids got to enjoy the free pony rides. Sarah and Aaron weren't interested and Avery was interested until she had to actually get on one and then she was not interested at all.

They had a petting zoo where you could feed the animals. Oakley loved it.

The girls...not so much. They stuck close to Grandma.

I wanted to take this little goat home with me. He was the cutest little thing.

Until he sneezed all over me. And then I became about the ugliest thing around. We laughed at this picture until we were crying. Can you believe that is my really my face...Wow.

 The girls finally got brave enough to pet the donkey....or at least stand by it for a picture.

And Kimmy found Lafawnda the mini horse.

It was a fun getaway with just my girls. Aiden and Andrew were partying it up and Heidi's.
Oh and can any of you Karrens out there see who is behind us in the picture?


Julie said...

I love this! Your face is lol funny! Yuck, sneeze. I love the lafawnda horse. Ha! County fair rocks!

Annie said...

That picture of you is the best thing ever. I love it so much. And I love that you blogged it.

Loved hanging out with you this morning. I am a big Amy fan.

akdoxey said...

Wow that's quite the state rides!

I really can't believe those two babes are five! Your girls are so adorable and the twins are developing their own looks. You're all just too cute

Kim said...

Oh Amy. You are hysterically retarded in that photo and every time I see it I can't help but laugh a little....actually a lot. It was a fun trip to the fair.