Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Good Morning

 We had a great morning yesterday. I came home from my run to the girls learning how to be Princesses from Barbie. They even put their crowns on for the occasion. And Andrew still gets excited when the girls wear the crowns he gave them. Love it.

Aiden play with legos for a good hour. That is a long time for any of my kids to do anything.

Andrew found spooky Halloween things on the internet to draw in his sketch book.

And since the kids were being so good. I got to have a nice hot bath complete with my "dirt" mask Candice gave me for Christmas. Love that stuff.

And any Jensens, do I remind you of anyone? Think U of U football games. ;)

And Aiden's creations now watch over us in the kitchen.

I wish every morning was as easy as this one.


Maga said...

You deserve an 'easy' day once in
awhile!!! You're a SUPER MOM!!!!

Julie said...

That rocks!!! I love when that sort of stuff happens.