Thursday, August 23, 2012

How's the Fishin'?

After our trip to St. George we had a week at home and then went on our annual Grey's River Trip. We look forward to this all year and the week we are up there goes by so fast.

We love it there and it is so pretty.

One of our favorite things to do is tube the river. This year we added a canoe, which the kids loved. 

There is a tiny lake there called Lake Murphy. We tube the river all morning and then head to the lake every afternoon. There is always a rope swing and this year all our kids went off it. AND so did Emily. ;)

Some of us swim across the lake too.

Didn't I say it is pretty up there?

My mom, being the amazing Grandma that she is, brought tons of crafts for the kids to do. They got to decorate visors, magnets, picture frames, and paint rocks.

And the favorite-face painting.

The adults even got into...say hello to Iron Man and Captain America.

Another thing we do every year is hike up to Stump Lake.

The kids found a giant mud hole and loved getting extremely dirty.

We also tried to catch tadpoles and leeches.

And the best part of the hike? The homemade backpack ice cream we got to eat at the top.

 And we always get a family shot there. Please don't mind the girl's revealing swimsuits. We forgot their suits and luckily Family Dollar in Alpine had 3 on clearance just for us.

The rest of the time was spent dancing to "Move It, Move It."

Playing cards. Trent is the number 1 dad.

Building forts.

And a shot of Grandma and Grandpa with the grand kids. Definitely missed James, Jack, and Jude. Well, and of course Jake and Becky. ;)

Not sure how the grandparents felt about this.

I think my dad preferred this.

 And that was a short recap of our trip up the mountain.

 We finished the trip by seeing Pom Pom.

And Grandma Wiggles.

And once again another great vacation come and gone. Like I said we love camping up Greys. Thanks mom and dad for all your hard work to making it so much fun for all of us!

Until next year.

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Maga said...

Loved all the pictures--especially
the painted faces and #1 Dad AND
#1 MOM!!!!!