Monday, August 13, 2012

Girls Camp 2012

Just trying to get caught up on my blogging. If I would stop leaving town every week I could get stuff down around here. But I am having too much fun vacationing it up.

A few weeks ago I had girls camp. I was actually released as camp director a few weeks before camp, but naturally the new YW Pres freaked out a little bit, so I got to go anyway.

We headed up to Heber Valley in a giant bus to get the party started.

We got settled in and immediately started in on the crafts. It was a Stake Camp and they provided ALL the crafts. It was heavenly.

 We hung out in our cabins.

 Went on the giant swing, which is always scary, but so fun.

 We stomped the night away and pulled out some serious dance moves.

 We played games like, "mah", murder in the dark, and the sock game late into every night.

We were lucky enough to do a nice short service project.

Got to enjoy many a funny moments and skits at the amphitheater. Our Mast is 3rd from the right. The theme of the camp was "Sixteen Stones" and our ship name was Hope.

We played with glow sticks in the non traditional way. So wish the picture would have worked in the dark. The girls were literally glowing.

We went on some fabulous hikes.

 Had a Miss Nature Pageant where Isabelle's talent was fitting 38 grapes in her mouth at once.

 Had some pretty amazing speakers from 3 European golf pros. Seriously the best part of the week.

 And then had some pretty amazing testimonies shared around the "camp fire."

 Overall I consider the week of camp a success. I hope the girls loved it too.

And we were a little sparse on Leaders up there. Luckily I had these 2 with me the whole time or things could have gotten scary.

Now I am moving on to planning the Relief Society monthly activities. Should be a good change of pace. But I will surely miss my girls in YW's. It has been a great 4 years!


Mindy said...

I remember your mom being an awesome camp leader... and it looks like you are just the same. :) I <3 girls camp so much... I'm glad both of us got to go this year. :)

Kim said...

You are so funny. I kept thinking you were a girl in the photos then I realized that it was you. Ha! No wonder they love you.