Tuesday, August 21, 2012

St. George

The week after Girls Camp we headed down to St. George to enjoy some blistering hot days and lots of water fun. We always love going down there and escaping real life for a bit. Although, Trent and I both worked while we were down there, but at least it was a change of scenery.

Aiden was our own personal bellhop. It is nice to have kids that can finally carry their own weight. (Jake Joke)

As always the first thing the kids want to do is swim. And we swam,

and swam,

 and swam,

and swam,

  and swam,

 and swam,

and swam,

and swam until our hand and feet were wrinkly.

 The boys decided to go see the new Batman, which Trent forgot to take a picture of and us girls went on got pedicures, which I did take a picture of.

And then our wrinkly feet were a little bit cuter.

We played a multiple parks to try and beat the heat.

 Stopped by the "river" park for some fun.

It worked out perfectly for our 5.

 Andrew found the perfect lookout point.

Aiden found a girlfriend and Paige loved the King Frog.

 And Morgan found herself a boyfriend too. She stay by this little statue for a good 10 minutes.

 And Oakley didn't find any true love, but sure loved the water.

 But most of all I think they all loved the drinks and snacks we brought. Why is food always the highlight of everything?

There was a fountain that had the coldest water. I was trying to decide if I should join in the fun.

And finally worked my way in.

Trent enjoyed being the photographer.

We did some night swimming. The kids love the different lights that come on in the pool.

Isn't this picture just awesome.

And one miraculous event, Trent bought an actual swimsuit. He has had the same swimming suit since we have been married or he swims in running shorts.
I think he looks pretty dang good.

We had some delicious meals out.

I got to go running with Trent. He even went on my 12 miler with me. He carried an extra water bottle and would dump water on my head every once in a while. I am one lucky girl.

Aiden caught a lizard who he named Shawn.

 We played our favorite game of Uno Attack!

And then the party really begin when Jake and Candice arrived. We ate at Mad Pita to celebrate.

The kids loved having people to play with in the pool.

 And the girls couldn't get enough of Candice.

 Who was so nice to always sit, cuddle, play, swim, and read with them.

 And I got to enjoy my favorite ice cream ever, which we can only find in St. George and Moab.

 Overall it was a fantastic vacation. Thanks to Brad and Teri for the wonderful facilities. It is always a good time in St. George.


Trent said...

It's amazing how blissful a trip can seem when it is relived through snapshots. All the fighting and disagreements seem to be forgotten. Awesome family vacation. Thanks for documenting it.

Kim said...

What a cool trip. I love that you guys do so much with and for your kids.