Friday, August 24, 2012


We got the girl's ear's pierced last week. They were super excited and picked out their own bling.

Morgan went first and didn't cry at all. She wanted to, but didn't.

Oakley went second and cried, I think mostly out of fear because later she said it didn't hurt that bad.

 After Oakley cried Paige started freaking out. She covered her ears and screamed and I mean really screamed. Eventualy Kim and I had to hold her down while this really nice and patiend man pierced her ears. She immediately stopped crying as soon as it was over.

All 3 of them love their new pierced ears and show everyone we meet. And they are even so good about the daily cleaning. They bring the Q Tips and cleanser right to me.

And to think I thought my girls couldn't get any cuter. ;)

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Candi said...

Amy-your girls are darling!!!