Friday, August 31, 2012

Weeding for Money

Trent told the kids if they wanted to earn some money they could cut down all our ferns in our yard. So my kids went to town.

They cut and cleaned the yard for 2 straight hours.

They filled six 33 gallon garbage bags.

And removed every fern.

Since they worked so hard and long we went to the gas station and picked a treat. Which is a big deal at our house. I rarely buy stuff for my kids at gas stations and they LOVED it.
So proud of my working kids.


Trent said...

Such good kids. I'm always so worried that they won't know how to work when they get older. Makes me feel good that they are at least motivated and willing to work when rewards are offered.

Maga said...

I'm glad you're teaching your kids how to work! Cute pictures--keep them coming!!

Anonymous said...

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