Friday, August 3, 2012

Giant Slipin' Slide

A while ago we had the pleasure of heading down to Heidi's for some slipin' slidin' fun. The kids think this is the greatest thing ever, which it kind of is. Who knows how many times they cruised down this thing.
 After so many single rides, they got a little creative and tried going down in a mini pool. From their faces you would think they were flying down the hill, but in reality they were going pretty slow.
 And since the kids were having so much fun, the moms had to give it a try. We went about as fast as they did.

We stopped and ate some delicious lunch. The kids got mac and cheese and the adults had a delicious toasted turkey and cheese sandwich with amazing dipping sauce. Click here if you want the recipe.
 Annie was Rapunzel for the day, so Paige had climbing her hair to get to her.
 And Jill and Mason just enjoyed the shade and company.
 Always a treat to get to spend a day with these ladies.


hbentley said...

It was so much fun. We need to have another slip n slide day before school.

Kim said...

Oh that photo of all the kids in the pool is priceless.