Wednesday, August 22, 2012

7 Brides for 7 Brothers

A few weeks ago Teri treated us girls to a night out. We hit up the local Blimpie, where we were served by the most sullen person ever, and then headed up to Sundance to see Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I LOVED it. I had grown up watching the movie too many times to count.

And as always it is fun to hang out with the Jensen girls.

Had to get one with the stage behind us. And don't ask me what I am doing in this pic and why I chose to pose like this....

 While we were waiting for it to start Heidi was trying to take a picture of me enjoying 2 of my favorite things, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and cinnamon taffy. Lets just say this was the only picture I would post online. And thats saying a lot after my ugly goat picture.

The rest of the night I spent like this. Loved the play, loved the music, loved the atmosphere, loved the company. It was a great night.

Thanks Teri! It was a fabulous night out!

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Trent said...

I guess everyone didn't get the memo on red pants?