Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Handcart Days

I LOVE the Handcart Days celebration. It takes me back to my childhood and all the fun I remember having at the fair. The food, the rides, the fish pond. Love eveyrthing about it. We hit it up the Friday I got home from Girls Camp. You see, we never stop around here.

First we had some dinner, which for some just consisted of Sprite and Cotton Candy.

Then we went on some killer rides (for a killer price).

The fish pond is always a must. Trent just loves all the crap we bring home from this thing.

Then we did some more eating.

Fit in a family shot with Luke photo bombing it in the back.

We hit up the photo booth and even got Trent to participate, which is a miracle in and of itself.

Then we headed home and watched the fireworkds from our roof.

Tried to get some self portraits.

Once again with a photo bomb from Luke.

Had to get one with my guy...and the Temple behind us.

Brooke and Ben joined us for the firework show.

And the kids played with their glowsticks throughout the whole show.

Another successful, fun day here at The Hoard.


Mindy said...

Awe.some. Looks like the best of times! I love the first photobombing by Luke. Hilarious.

Maga said...