Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Allred Reunion 2011

All right, on to the fun we had over the weekend. We had the Allred Reunion on Saturday and it was awesome. I always look forward to anything with the Allred's cause no matter what we do we end up having fun. We packed up our swim stuff and some food and headed up to Logan for some X-treme slippin n' sliding.

Here is a pic of the awesomeness:

Duh, totally kidding. Here is a pic of the real awesomeness, which actually might just be one of my faves:

We had soooo many pictures so I just chose a few to post. You will have to enlarge to see them better. Some are pretty funny. I think it is safe to say that everyone loved the slide.
Except Oliver. He wasn't very happy with me either

My boys, especially Aiden, were the thrill seekers. They tried and tried going of the jump at the end. After some adjustments from Trent their dream came true.

I don't really have any other pictures of people besides the one below. I loved, loved, loved going to Wyoming when I was little and playing with these 3 ladies. We had such a fun time together.

The reunion was a blast. Thanks to Lisa and Lawrence for sharing their home and all their fun stuff. My kids have asked everyday since when they can do the giant slip n' slide again. It really was awesome.

And now for your viewing pleasure, Trent put some of the clips together for a short video. Enjoy!


Andrea said...

Those videos are HILARIOUS! We've already watched them twice and Sophie keeps saying, "One more time, Mom! I want to go on that!" So fun!

Julie said...

That is absolute craziness! That's an impressive slip 'n' slide for sure.

Dee Dee said...

Holy cow!!! That looks like a blast! You guys do the funnest things!

brooke said...

seriously!!! that looks like the best slip and slide EVER. next time please invite me. thanks.

Annie said...

You are the coolest. I love the slip n slide pics and videos. Looks like so much fun. (And, can I just say how much I love your short hair? It is the best.)

Beth Monson said...

That is awesome! I think just about any one of those runs gave you that giant bruise on your thigh:).