Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I know most of you could care less about my running and such, but since it is a big part of our lives I thought I would document it for my blog book of life. So, if you don't care just come back tomorrow. I will be posting about our awesome reunion and the X-treme slip n' sliding we did over the weekend.

So, onto the running.

Yesterday I had one of those perfect runs. You know (or maybe you don't), the ones that everything works just right-your body, your clothes, your music, and your time. I even drove home to the sun shining up over the mountains. And I may or may not have heard angels singing. Today's run was not so perfect. Although, it started great, the rain and my big thigh issue created some not so good rubbing. Even with Trent's Glide (some anti-chafing stuff) I finished with some serious raspberries.

The great thing about today was actually the fact that I even got a run in. Trent and I slept in, our strenuous weekend wore us right out. Usually that means no run for either of us. But I called my mom and, as always, she was more than willing to watch The Hoard. While I was chafing my thighs away, the kids were playing with legos, getting their dresses fixed, coloring, dot painting, and eating an early lunch. My mom is the best.

I even got to finish my sub par run with a bowl of the good kind of raspberries, fresh ones from my mom's garden and some delicious cream. Heavenly.

Hopefully, I can continue to fit my runs in and hopefully they will feel as good as Monday's run. My half marathon is just around the corner and I've got to pic up my miles....and work on my time so I can beat my brother-in-law Jake. ;)


Kim said...

I care about your running. I really hope to be as good as you someday.

Happy thigh healing.

Nicole said...

I care too! I love reading about other people's running success!

PS...this is my first comment ever. No more stalking without you knowing :)

Julie said...

Chafing is the worst. Nice of your mom for watching the hoard for you so you could run. I can't believe you are prepping for a half marathon. I still don't know how people like you do it. The after run treat looks delightful. Love fresh berries!

Mandi McQuivey said...

Yum I love raspberries, well the eating kind anyways...I wish I was as fast as you at running. You will totally beat Jake!:)