Monday, July 11, 2011

Our First Tooth Fairy Visit

Andrew has had a loose tooth hanging by one string for a month or so. The whole reason it was loose wasn't because of another tooth coming down. He was hit in the mouth with a frisbee while playing Tron. You gotta love boys. Anyways, it finally came out last night and he was so excited to do the whole tooth fairy process.

He woke up early to make sure the Fairy made her visit. When I got home from working out he was already up and smiling from ear to ear with his loot.


Becky said...

So cute. Reminded me of James' first tooth fairy visit-he was just as excited.

Julie said...

I hope the tooth fairy has enough money for all those teeth! From the looks of things, the tooth fairy's prize has increased with inflation. So fun!

Shanna said...

Oh I know the feeling and while my girls don't play things like Tron we have had our fair share of things like that happen. Hannah's first tooth is loose now which I'm sure is not just a result of another tooth but a combination of falling on the playground equipment a little over a year ago and knocking her front teeth backward. And again a little over a year ago Abi was standing too close to a neighbor girl who was doing a flip and got kicked in the face which in turn knocked out her two front teeth. One of which still has not grown back in. :S Something I'm going to have to talk to the Dentist about I guess.
It's fun to watch their faces light up after the tooth fairy comes though! He's a cute kid!

Kim said...

Aww he looks so cute toothless.