Thursday, July 14, 2011

The End Result

Like I said before the weekend wore us all out. But doesn't that mean it was a good weekend? I think so. As you know Saturday was our Allred reunion and about 10 seconds after driving this was the scene in the Bohemith.

And this was/is the scene of the back of my thigh. Don't even know which run down the slide made this beauty, but it sure hurts now.
Sunday was even busier. It was Grandma Teri's birthday so we headed out early to surprise her at church. I never know how much of a 'fun' surprise we are, but we enjoyed sacrament with 3 other adults to control The Hoard. Afterward, I did some work visits while the rest hung out at the Jensen's.

Then we went to the next celebration. The Veigel's were celebrating Sarah's birthday, so we enjoyed a delish dinner and dessert with my side of the fam. Once again, I was lucky enough to finish the night off with 2 deaths.

Monday night brought another party. We had the Smith Christmas Party in July this year. It was a great time with lots of fun games for the kids-fish pond, water guns, water balloons, and marshmallow wars.

By the end of that night this was the scene in our house:
Nothing better than sleeping kids after a long, fun weekend.

Unfortunately, Trent and I haven't caught up on our sleep yet. Maybe tonight will be the night.

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brooke said...

that bruise is something else.... i love when your kids are tired? does tha make me a bad aunt?