Thursday, July 7, 2011


I really wish I had TV and I really wish I could watch So You Think You Can Dance. I watched the first (or maybe it was the second) season and loved every second of it. Then life happened, more kids joined our family, and my tv watching was replaced by Baby Einstein.

I still get glimpses of it here and there when people, like my cousin Tiffany, post videos on FB or Blogs. I loved this dance she posted today.

It kinda reminded me of this one that I absolutely love from a few seasons back.

Or maybe I am just in love with Leona Lewis.

Now I feel like having a dance party. Anyone want in?


Luke and Kimmy said...

Love Marco and Melanie!

Jamie said...

Never really watched SYTYCD, but for some reason I saw the Bleeding Heart video and it's always been a favorite. I LOVE it.

Why don't you have TV?