Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Cabin and Then Some

We were finally able to go to the cabin this weekend. With the lovely "Spring" weather, we weren't able to get up there because of the snow. And we almost didn't make it this time because of the spring runoff. The river was crazy wild and overflowing. Luckily, the Bohemith got us through.

I took The Hoard up earlier and met up with Grandpa, Grandma, and Jenny. Trent came later with Brooke. The next day we did some cleaning and as I finished scrubbing toilets I noticed everyone was gone. So, I took advantage of the situation, grabbed my gossip mag, and relaxed for a bit. The silence was golden. When everyone returned we decided to take a honda ride to a "babbling brook" and get a little wet.

Love this picture.

And Aiden had gotten himself a little wet after a fall in the water. He wasn't very happy.

It was a grand time and so pretty. Every thing was so green. However, half of us did manage to walk through a patch of stinging nettle. Luckily the cold water helped the sting go away.

On one of the many honda outings the kids brought back a graveyard. They almost have a whole deer now.

And one quick family shot on the way out. You gotta love the scenery with the garbage bags and coolers.

Next up, Brooke talked me into going to the fireworks show. After last year, I said I wouldn't do it again. Hmm. It seems I say that about a lot of things...

I asked Brooke to get a pic of me and my girls and this is what we got.

Cute eh?
And after a fun filled weekend, Aiden fell asleep on the short drive home.

(And it was much easier than last year. The kids did a lot better and I had 4 other adults to help control them.)

Poor Andrew got sick over the weekend and wanted to stay home with Trent. Luckily our neighbors were doing some of the new legalized fireworks, so they got their own little show after all.

Now the weekend is half over and we get to look forward to the actual 4th of July, which will include some more fun celebrating.

And thanks to all for helping with my crew. It is always nice to have extra hands.


Maga said...

Loved all your pictures especially the one with the 7 of you!!!

Jamie said...

So jealous about the cabin. I'm dying to get up there.

Sarah said...

I LOVE your family photo - you all look great! Sounds like a great weeknd!