Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our 24th

We had a fun and busy 24th. Here are the details.

We ate and played at the Bountiful Handcart Days Fair. I loved this growing up, so I try to do it every year with our kids. They love it too. Trent not so much.

Then we watched the Fireworks from our roof. After watching the fireworks you can't really complain about the $2 rides and such.

On Saturday, after The Miracle, we went swimming at Maga's pool. Always a good time. Pictures were stolen from Heidi.
Sunday we had my family over for a BBQ and small fireworks. Sorry no pics.
Monday morning we all rose early and ran a race. That is another post though.
Monday night we headed out to Jensen for another BIG firework show. There was quite a row of spectators.
And we all love to do the "Adult" sparklers.
And I had to post this pic. Teri is so excited and Andrea looks like she is bored stiff.

After the weekend, we went straight home and straight to bed. This morning came too fast. It may be a few days before we are back to normal. Actually, we are never back to normal. Trent and I are always exhausted.
Thanks to all for a great weekend.


Andrea said...

I beg your pardon!! I was having the time of my life...and was little scared...but seriously having the time of my life!

We had such a great time. Always so fun to see you guys. Thanks for the party!

Brett and Jessica said...

Looks like a blast! You are awesome at blogging. I may attempt a giant "catch up" post again today if I get the energy.

brooke said...

I loved this weekend! It was the best!!

Kalie DeMann said...

You have such a fun and exciting life!

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Boys are so funny about their clothes.

Trent said...

You are awesome at blogging and our life seems way more fun that it is when you view it through still shots. What is missing are the 23 1/2 hours that are spend trying not to cross the line between discipline and child abuse.

I will agree with Brooke in that this was one of the best weekends ever...

Kim said...

Wow you guys live big.

So I am dying over the picture of me and Luke. We look like we are in so much pain.