Friday, July 15, 2011

Just a Deer

Holy cow. This deer scared the crap out of me. I was running downstairs to get the laundry and I caught a glimpse of a huge thing coming towards the window. Once I realized it wasn't a big man trying to sneek inside my house, but just a deer, I slowly moved into my laundry room and watched to see what it would do. It sniffed around, did a few circles, and plopped down to relax.

He was actually pretty cute. I wish my windows were clean so you could see him better.

Now if only they came just to relax in our sand box instead of eating all our flowers.


Maga said...

The deer eat the vegetable plants in Ron and Doris yard too.

Trent said...

I use to like deer. Now I consider them the rats of Bountiful. They ruin everything in my yard. I just want to punch them in the face!

Angela said...

Haha! Trent's comment makes me laugh. That is crazy! I can't believe he's just hanging out in your sand box! That would have scared the crap out of me too!