Thursday, July 21, 2011

Time Out

I am not talking about the kids this time. I needed time out of the house. So, my fellow book clubbers and I went out to the fabulous Training Table (which was a first for Tracy, can you believe that?), saw Jane Eyre at the Dollar Movies, and finished it off with some of the most delicious pink lemonade sorbet from TCBY.

Me, Meg, Tracy, Heather, Kristen, Kim.

And look at those HUGE salads. 3 people could probably share 1 salad. And you can't see the unhealthy food Kim and I devoured.

Thanks for the night ladies. I needed something to get me out of my funk.


Dayna said...

What a fun night! From your last post it sounds like a night you much deserved! And I just have to add, "I miss Training Table!"

Angela said...

We had a girls night this week and went to see Jane Eyre too! Yay for time out for mom!!

Julie said...

Oh, good. a breather is good. How was Jane Eyre? I liked the book. Is the movie any good?

Kim said...

I had so much fun and was pretty surprised with how much I actually liked the movie. And I loved your whole outfit that night.