Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Pioneer Miracle

I am not talking about one of the miracles that happened with a real pioneer ancestor, I am talking about a miracle that happened on Saturday. You all know by now that Trent is a little obsessed with running. One of his favorite races is the St. George Marathon. And for those that don't know, it is a lottery race, meaning there are 10,000 entries and only 7,000 slots, so the participants are "pulled out of a hat." Trent was lucky enough to get in 3 years in a row, but on May 1st of this year or Dooms Day, he didn't get in. You would have thought a family member had passed with the depression that consumed Trent. He was so distraught he was actually considering "buying" in with a charity ticket, which you can purchase for a small amount of $1,000. Yes, I said that right, $1,000. I told Trent if he even got close to doing that I would be gone. Luckily, he loves me more than running and chose not to do it. However, he has been in a severe depression ever since.

Then he found out that the St. George Marathon gives slots to other races to help promote their race. He found a half marathon a couple weeks ago, but didn't get the slot. Then on Friday night he found another race in Provo that would give the slot to the best pioneer costume. He thought if he could find a handcart and push all our kids, while dressed in pioneer clothes he would for sure win. So, at 8:00 Friday night he went to work on constructing a handcart.

Using a few household items items in the proper proportion Cam and Trent built an amazing handcart.
Our ward had just gone on a Pioneer Trek, so I called a couple of the YW and got their bonnets and aprons for my girls. For Trent and the boys we found some clothes throughout the house and everything was set to go. So, bright and early (5:00 am) the next morning everyone headed out to the race.

It was so early they didn't eat before they left, so they ate on the side of the road after registering.

And here is my pioneer family. Isn't that awesome?

Jenny was the photographer and number 1 fan.

Brooke was my substitute. I couldn't go because I was on call for work.

The Hoard loaded up and waiting for the race. And you really have to know how desperate Trent was to win this costume contest. He NEVER runs in anything that isn't comfortable for running. I was actually shocked that he even considered it. But I guess if you are willing to spend $1,000, you would be willing to dress up for one race.

And the race begins! I think Brooke was pretty excited.

I think Trent was too.

And Jenny.
And here they are approaching the finish line. Even with pushing 5 kids in a "handcart" while wearing pioneer clothes, Trent finished the 5K in 22:45. Seriously, he came in 22nd. He is a pioneer animal.

And Brooke got a personal record and came in with a time of 34 minutes.

Afterwards they held a kids race. Aiden was so excited to participate.

And like father, like son, he was a racing animal and came in 1st.

He won a pair of Skullcandy headphones. He has been listening to Ipods ever since. Actually, sometimes he wears them even if there is nothing attached to the end.

The other kids got their faces painted.

And on the way home everyone crashed.

And if you are wondering what the miracle is, well, Trent won the costume contest and has gotten himself into the St. George Marathon. The fog has been lifted and the sun is shining here at The Hoard.

And a big shout out to Jenny and Brooke who rose early and helped Trent fulfill his dream. I, on the other hand, was able to go back to sleep after they left. I was able to sleep in until 9:00. I don't even remember the last time I was able to sleep till 9. I guess there were 2 miracles on Saturday the 23rd of July.


Sarah said...

This is such a great post! And congrats to Trent for getting into the race! You really have to admire his drive. Someone would have to pay ME to get me to run a marathon! Your pioneer "wagon" is just too cute. I think you may have found this year's Halloween costumes.

Annie said...

That is just awesome.

Kim said...

This is just way too cool. I love it!

Jamie said...

This is my favorite post to ever grace your blog. I love Trent so much for loving running and the SG marathon so much, that he dressed up himself, as well as all the kids, and pushed them in a handcart he designed. Everything about this is so great.

So happy he go into the marathon.

We are dying to get back and play with your girls! Annie talks about Paige and Morgan all the time.

Mindy said...

I love this post. :) Love it! I'm so glad for your runner family, Aiden for coming in first, Trent for dressing up and pushing all those kids... and winning! Great job to all of you. :)

Maga said...

I believe in Miracles!!! Glad you had several Sat. including Trent and Aiden winning!!!!

brooke said...

that whole thing still just makes me laugh. what a funny event....

akdoxey said...

All I gotta say is awesome. To everything!

akdoxey said...

Oh and those are totally Doug's ol'stompin grounds his elementary and high schools.

Shannon said...

Is Trent superman?! Man alive! And I think I read this morning that Trent Jensen came in 4th or 5th at the Des News marathon. He's a machine!

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