Sunday, July 17, 2011


Oakley absolutely hates having her hair done. So, for the majority of the Summer she has walked around with bed head, looking like a little lost orphan. Because of this (and just cause we like them) Trent, Kim, and I have been trying to get Oakley to get dread locks. We bribed her with lots of different things and finally Kim found the winning combinations and Oakley agreed.

Here is a step by step of Oakley and Kimmy's day of fun. (Does that remind anyone else of something from Friends?)

Once the date was set, Oakley was so excited. She had a countdown to D day. And on the day of, she kept asking and asking when Kim was getting home from work. She really couldn't wait.

The before pic. See what I mean about the scraggly, orphan look?

First up, putting the elastics in so the dreads would look "well" placed.

I really can't believe Oakley sat through the whole process.

Next came the ratting.

Lots and lots of ratting.

Then the rewards/bribes. Oakley wanted Texas Roadhouse so she could have all she should eat rolls and root beer.

Someone at the restaurant commented to Kim that she loved her and her daughter's hair. Kim just smiled and said thank you.

The next reward-ice cream.

Oakley was in Heaven with a large twist ice cream cone and the ability to eat it messily. Is messily a word? If not, it should be.

The last part of the reward was a sleepover with Kim. Just look at those 2 dread lovin' fools.

And Oakley even got time with the camera. She is such a photographer.

And finally, the dreads were done. They are a little crazy right now, but we all love them. The elastics will come out in the next day or two. And it has been so nice to just grab her dreads and put them in a pony tail. No combing, no fighting. Perfect

So, dready or not here she comes.

(And a big thanks to Kim who did all the work, took Oakley to get all her rewards, and even bought her a pack of cute headbands.)


kaelee said...

REALLLLY jealous! can she do mine next?

Sarah said...

I never in my life thought I would ever call dreads "cute" but I think its safe to say these two definitely can pull it off. They both look great with them! I can't wait to see how they look when Oakley's elastics come out.

And that deer post, that would seriously freak me out!!

Anonymous said...

"Joey and Janice's day of Fun!"

And Oakley is so lucky to have a super fun Aunt Kim!

Heidi Ann said...

Amy I am dying at this! Can't believe she got dreads and...she looks adorable! What a good idea. Every kid who hates to get their hair done should explore this option. Oh and ps...I'll do about anything too for Texas Roadhouse rolls and soda. Smart girl.

Kim said...

I love her! I say this all the time, but I'm going to say it again...If I could ever choose to have a daughter, I would choose her to be just like Oakley. I hope TRH, ice cream, sleep overs and headbands are worth it because she is the cutest little dread head ever!

Maga said...

Oakley is cute no matter how her hair looks--how long did it take?

Jamie said...

Okay, her "orphan" look still looks pretty good. She's seriously so cute.

And what do you do with her hair when you're done with the dread locks? Can you wash them out? So many questions.

Trent said...

Oakley has always been one of the cutest little girls ever, but these just tip the table. We need to post some new pictures without the elastics because it looks much better.

This is the best hair ever for a dad who refuses to do hair. Yesterday morning Oakely walked out of her room with a head band and within 10 seconds I had her hair looking perfect. I love it.

I also love the attention she gets. I consider Oakely our little Brad matter how off the wall something may be, if Oakley does it, it just looks good.

Oakley...."I want you to hit me as hard as you can."

4cutegirls said...

All I can say is wow!!
And what a smart girl to chose a reward like Texas Roadhouse.
She looks great!