Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Love Them...I Love Them Not

Trent and I have wondered what has happened to our kids. They have always been hard and a lot to handle, but the past few weeks it has been multiplied by 10. And yesterday may have been one of the worst days thus far.

Aiden and Oakley decided to pick a daisy. They both had 1 when I caught them. I told them that we do not ever pick flowers and to not pick anymore. 20 minutes later I found this on our back patio:

After they were in time out for an insane amount of time Aiden decided to get one of Oliver's pee filled diapers and smack it on the door a few times....and of course it exploded:
Along with the above there were the normal fights, teasing, messes, and such. And to end the night perfectly Morgan decided she couldn't control her bowels and pooped in my shower.

So needless to say we have spent a lot of time in time out lately:

The rules of time out are the kids cannot speak or make any noise at all and they cannot move. Morgan was the best and didn't move or speak for 10 minutes in the above pic.

But then this morning Aiden redeemed himself and helped Oakley with her reading and writing.

It really was cute and times like this make the hard times barable.

And I really do love my kids ALL the time, but sometimes they drive me insane.


Melissa said...

We have had a few of those days this summer too! I am glad I am not the only one!!

Sarah said...

Be grateful for your blog ~ anytime something bad happens to me I run for the camera and think 'this will make a great post'. Someday I am sure you will laugh about it all! I really admire your patience - you are obviously a great mom. The last picture is priceless!

Annie said...

Summer is brutal. I can only imagine summer teasing/grouching times five. I love that you tell it like it is... you're so real and relatable.

P.s. so impressed with the reading/writing time. Super mom award.

Andrea said...

Love the little Aiden and Oakley pic. And how sweet is that time out pic?!

Beth Monson said...

Poor little daisies... I love my kids too but is it too much to ask that Summer break from school only be 1 week long?

Julie said...

Oh, darn. Sorry you had a rough patch. I think time outs are worthless but I only have one child. When you have a bunch of them, you have to have something to keep them all in line or chaos ensues. Chin up. Good luck.